Retry a Master Carton if the Original Request Returned No Response or HTTP 500

HTTP Request

GET /v2/container-manifest?originalTransactionId={id}&carrier={carrier}


If a Create Master Carton request received no response or returned the HTTP 500 error, use this operation to check whether the master carton was created. If it was, the API returns the shipping label and container label. You can retrieve labels up to 24 hours after creation. If the master carton was not created, the API returns an error message. To create the master carton, you must issue a new Create Master Carton request with a new Transaction ID.

Use this operation only if the original request returned no response or the HTTP 500 error. If the original request returned an error other than HTTP 500, do not use this operation but instead use the Reprint Master Carton Labels API.

Request URLs


Query Parameters




Required. The X-PB-TransactionId used in the original Create Master Carton request.


Required. Set this to the following to indicate the master carton is a CBDS container: PBI

Request Headers




Required. OAuth token generated using the Generate an OAuth Token API.


The media type of the request entity. Set this to: application/json

Response Elements

The API returns the same response as the original Create Master Carton request. For response elements, see Response Elements on the Create Master Carton page.

Sample Request

curl -X GET ".../v2/container-manifest?originalTransactionId={id}&carrier={carrier}" \
-H "Authorization: Bearer <oauth_token>" \
-H "Content-Type: application/json"

Sample Response

    "containerType": "MasterCarton",
    "fromAddress": {
        "name": "Jim Smith",
        "company": "Supplies",
        "addressLines": [
            "500 Warehouse Drive"
        "cityTown": "Marietta",
        "stateProvince": "SC",
        "postalCode": "29661",
        "countryCode": "US"
    "weight": {
        "unitOfMeasurement": "LB",
        "weight": "0.005"
    "dimension": {
        "unitOfMeasurement": "in",
        "length": "5",
        "width": "2",
        "height": "3"
    "parcelTrackingNumbers": [
    "documents": [ {
        "type": "SHIPPING_LABEL",
        "fileFormat": "PDF",
        "size": "DOC_4X6",
        "contentType": "URL",
        "printDialogOption": "NO_PRINT_DIALOG",
        "contents": "<first mile label>"
        "type": "MASTERCARTON_LABEL",
        "fileFormat": "PDF",
        "size": "DOC_4X6",
        "contentType": "URL",
        "printDialogOption": "NO_PRINT_DIALOG",
        "contents": "<container label>"
    } ],
    "rates": [ {
        "carrier": "PBI",
        "serviceId": "PBMDS",
        "parcelType": "PKG",
        "baseCharge": 26.88,
        "totalCarrierCharge": 26.88,
        "deliveryCommitment": {
            "minEstimatedNumberOfDays": "6",
            "maxEstimatedNumberOfDays": "10"
        "currencyCode": "USD",
        "destinationZone": 1.0
    } ],
    "domesticShipmentDetails": {
        "shipperTrackingNumber": "7624003CPC0000042004Z",
        "barCodeLabelNumber": "7624003CPC0000042004Z"
    "parameters": [ {
        "name": "CLIENT_REFERENCE_NUMBER",
        "value": "ClientRef-1195"
    }, {
        "name": "SHIPPER_ID",
        "value": "SHID1111"
    }, {
        "name": "CARRIER_FACILITY_ID",
        "value": "US_GLOBAL_ILA"
    } ],
    "parcelTrackingNumber": "PBXGA000000000000777",
    "shipmentId": "PBXGA000000000000777"

Error Codes

For a list of all error codes returned by the Ecommerce APIs, please see Error Codes.