Supported Countries (Shipping Lanes)

The supported countries and services for each Consolidation Center are available as a downloadable spreadsheet.

Click here to download the Supported Countries spreadsheet.

The spreadsheet provides the following information:




The Consolidation Center


The Terms of Delivery

Shipping Method Code

The Service Class

Country Of Destination

The two-character ISO country code for the destination country.

Country Name

The destination country.


If billable weight applies, CBDS calculates both the scale weight and volumetric weight of the shipment and applies the higher of the two. The DimFactor is the divisor used to calculate volumetric weight.

If the DimFactor is listed as NA, then pricing for the lane is based only on scale weight.

MaxLength (inches)

The maximum length for a parcel.

MaxDimensionsSum (inches)

The MaxDimensionsSum is calculated as follows:

Length + ( 2 x ( W + H ) )


The maximum value.

MaxWeight (LBs)

The maximum weight in pounds.