PB Standard Delivery FAQs

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Can I retrieve rates for PB Standard Delivery shipments?

Yes. You can use the Rates API to retrieve rates for PB Standard Delivery shipments. Note, however, that you cannot retrieve rates for PB Standard Returns shipments.

Does my shipper rate plan apply to PB Standard Delivery shipments?

No. Shipper rate plans apply only to prepaid USPS shipments. They do not apply to PB Standard Delivery shipments.

Does my postage account get charged when I print a PB Standard Delivery label?

No. PB Standard Delivery labels are post-paid labels and do not incur a charges at print time.

Can I subscribe a shipment to notifications?

Yes. You can subscribe a shipment to receive provisioned notifications by including the NOTIFICATIONS special service in the request. To use this feature, you must be configured for PB Standard notifications. For more information, see PB Standard Notifications.

Can I include reference fields in a PB Standard Delivery shipment?

Yes. To pass merchant-defined reference fields or reference IDs, see PB Standard References.

What is the default non-delivery option?

The NON_DELIVERY_OPTION shipment option provides instructions to USPS if a parcel cannot be delivered. If you leave this option out, USPS treats an undeliverable package as follows, depending on the service class:

  • Parcel Select (PRCLSEL) is treated as “Forwarding Service Requested” (ForwardingServiceRequested).

  • Parcel Select Lightweight (PSLW) is destroyed by USPS.

Can I use the APAC Services to create a shipment and default services to manifest or void it?

No. If you use the Asia-Pacific (APAC) Services to create a shipment, you must also use the APAC Services if you manifest or void the shipment. The opposite is also true. If you use the default services to create a shipment, you must use the default services if you manifest or void the shipment.

Why is “Exception Label” printed on the label?

If a label prints with the words “Exception Label,” the label is still a fully compliant and valid label. “Exception Label” indicates that the sort information was not available at the time of print.

Exception Label