Client SDKs


Pitney Bowes provides client SDKs for accessing the Shipping APIs and provides an OpenAPI definition you can use to generate additional SDKs.

The SDKs and the OpenAPI definition support all the operations of the Shipping APIs except the operations that govern merchant-account management. Specifically, the SDKs and OpenAPI definition support all the operations on the API Resources page except those in the Developers (Merchant Accounts) table.

Client SDKs on GitHub

Pitney Bowes provides the following client SDKs on GitHub:

OpenAPI Definition

Pitney Bowes provides an OpenAPI definition for the Shipping APIs you can use to generate additional SDKs in languages not provided above. The definition follows the OpenAPI Specification and uses the YAML format. The following link downloads the OpenAPI definition:

Generate a Client SDK from the OpenAPI Definition

To generate a client SDK from the OpenAPI definition:

  1. If you have not already done so, set up your developer account by following steps 1-6 on the Getting Started page.

  2. Download the OpenAPI definition. The following link downloads the definition.

  3. Download an SDK generator that handles the OpenAPI format. Pitney Bowes recommends the open-sourced OpenAPI Generator tool. For full documentation on OpenAPI Generator, including installation, see the following OpenAPI Generator sites:

  4. Generate the Client SDK. Use the instructions specific to your SDK generator. If you use OpenAPI Generator, use one of the following sets of instructions:

  5. In the generated SDK folder, see the file for instructions and dependencies for using the SDK.

    When using the SDK, remember to update the OAuth Token every 10 hours. If the token expires, the APIs throw error code PB-APIM-ERR-1003.