Manage Merchant Accounts


To use the Global Ecommerce Shipping APIs, a shipper must have a merchant account enrolled within your developer account. The APIs supports the enrollment models described here.

Merchant Enrollment Models

The APIs support two models for enrolling merchants and handling their postage payments:

Individual Postage Account Model: A merchant signs up for a merchant account through Merchant Portal using a signup URL specific to your developer account. During signup, the merchant enters a payment method and creates an Individual PB Postage Account for paying postage directly. To implement this approach, provide the merchant the custom signup URL. When the merchant signs up, retrieve the merchant’s Shipper ID through the Authorize a Merchant API.

Bulk Postage Account Model: You create merchant accounts using the Register a Known Shipper API. You pay your merchants’ postage through a Bulk Postage Account and bill each merchant separately. To set up Bulk Postage, contact Client Support at

API Operations

Use the following APIs to manage merchant accounts:



Resource Path

Authorize a Merchant



Register a Known Shipper



Update a Known Shipper



Update a Known Shipper - Partial



Get Merchant Accounts



Get Account Balances



Refill Account



Get Refill Settings



Update Refill Settings



Add a Carrier Account



Shipper ID

Every merchant added to your developer account receives a unique Shipper ID to identify the merchant in transactions. To retrieve a merchant’s Shipper ID, issue the Get Merchants API. The Shipper ID is the value found in the postalReportingNumber field. If the merchant has an Individual PB Postage Account, the PB Postage Account number is the value found in the paymentAccountNumber field.

Auto Refill

By default, a PB Postage Account is set up to automatically refill when the balance falls falls below a specified threshold. You can change the refill settings at any time. You can also manually refill an account and can disable automatic refill. For more information, see Payments FAQs.

Subscription Fee

Pitney Bowes has the option to charge a subscription fee to merchants who have their own PB Postage Accounts. For more information, contact

Merchant Portal

Merchants who sign up for their own PB Postage Accounts have access to their accounts through Merchant Portal. Pitney Bowes provides separate Merchant Portals for the Sandbox and Production environments:


Merchant Portal Link



Deactivate a Merchant Account

To deactivate a merchant account, please contact our Payments API Support team at or +1 855 393-8874.

For More Information

For more information, see Merchant FAQs.