"errorCode": "PB-APIM-ERR-1000",
    "errorDescription": "Internal Error Occurred"

This error indicates there was an issue with the Pitney Bowes system. For example, the error might have occurred because of an unplanned maintenance window.

IMPORTANT: If you received this error when creating a shipment, do not resubmit your request without first checking to see if the label was created. The original request might have succeeded. To find whether the label exists, invoke the Retry Shipment API. If you receive a “200 OK” success message, the label was created and the response includes the label. If you receive error 1090001, then the label was not created and you can resubmit your Create Shipment request.

If this error occurred for a different API call, try the call again. If the problem persists, please contact Support.

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