Error 1300010ΒΆ

    "errorCode": "1300010",
    "errorDescription": "Restricted item.",
    "additionalInfo": "The commodity is restricted:<reason>"

This error occurs for a CBDS shipment when a commodity in the customs.customsItems array is either restricted or is not part of the agreed-on category tree.

If the additionalInfo field returns one of the following:

"The commodity is restricted:HAZMAT"
"The commodity is restricted:IMPORT_RESTRICTION"
"The commodity is restricted:EXPORT_RESTRICTION"

Then the item is restricted. The reason is given in all caps.

If the additionalInfo field returns the following:

"The commodity is restricted:categories"

Then the categoryCode field specifies a category code that is not part of the category tree agreed on in advance when onboarding with CBDS.

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