Transaction Reports FAQs

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How do I get transaction history for a developer or merchant?

There are three ways to view transaction history:

  • Global Ecommerce APIs: Pitney Bowes provides two APIs for retrieving transaction history:

    • The Transaction Reports API returns transactions for the last six months, according to the parameters you specify. By default, the API returns transactions for all merchants in the developer account. You can also query for transactions for a specific merchant.

    • The Transaction Reports API returns transaction older than six months, according to the parameters you specify.

  • Developer Hub: In Developer Hub, your transaction history returns all the transactions for your developer account. To return transactions for a specific merchant, use the Filter Criteria.

  • Merchant Portal: A merchant can log into Merchant Portal and view transactions.

Do transaction reports provide real-time data?

The Get Transaction Reports API returns transactions within 60 minutes of their postings.

Is there a limit on the number of transactions reported?

The current limit is 2000 records per call to the Get Transaction Reports API. Pitney Bowes recommends keeping the expected number of transactions per page to under 500, to make sure all transactions get processed.

Why is the Transaction Reports API ignoring my entered dates?

Make sure you are using the correct date format in the request. The following is the correct format. Be sure to include the Z at the end.


Also, make sure you have no misspellings or incorrect cases in the query parameter keyword.