United Parcel Service FAQs

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How do I register a merchant to print UPS labels?

Before a merchant can print a UPS® label, the merchant must have an existing UPS account. If a merchant does not have a UPS account, direct the merchant to register for an account at https://wwwapps.ups.com/doapp/signup?loc=en_US&returnto=https:%2F%2Fwww.ups.com%2Fus%2Fen%2FHome.page.

Once a merchant has an existing account, register the merchant to print UPS labels by following the steps in Add Commercial Carrier Accounts.

How do merchants pay for UPS labels?

UPS invoices the merchant, and the merchant is responsible to pay UPS.

Who determines the rate charged for a label?

UPS determines rates from the merchant’s negotiated account.

Why does the Rates API not display all available services?

When you issue the Rate a Parcel API, UPS will not return a service if it takes more days and costs more money than another service that is both quicker and less expensive. For example if you can ship a parcel in 1 day for a lower cost than shipping it in 3 days, the 3-day option is not returned in the Rate Parcel response.

Can UPS ship to Puerto Rico?

Yes. When shipping to Puerto Rico from the U.S. using UPS as the carrier, set the following in the Create Shipment API request:

  • Set both toAddress.stateProvince and toAddress.countryCode to PR.

  • Set rates.serviceId to a U.S. domestic service.

  • Include the customs object.

  • With the exception of shipments using UPS Express Envelope (LTR), set documents.size to DOC_8X11. The shipment generates a commercial invoice in addition to the shipment label. Both the commercial invoice and the shipment label are 8X11.

For an example request, see UPS Shipment to Puerto Rico Request.

Are customs forms needed for shipments to Puerto Rico?

Yes. When shipping to Puerto Rico from the U.S., you must include the customs object in the Create UPS Shipment request. For additional requirements, please see Can UPS ship to Puerto Rico?

Can UPS ship to APO/FPO locations?


Will UPS pick up parcels?

Merchants can pre-arrange daily pickups with UPS.

Can a merchant cancel a UPS label?

Yes, through the Void a Shipment API. The merchant should then tear up the label. If the merchant ships with the voided label, UPS will bill the merchant for the label.

Can a merchant reprint a damaged label without getting billed?

Yes. A merchant can reprint a damaged label using the Reprint a Shipment Label API. The merchant will not be billed for the reprint.

What happens the merchant enters incorrect weight or dimensions?

UPS weighs and checks the dimensions on parcels. If discrepancies are found, UPS updates shipment prices accordingly, which could result in additional fees or surcharges charged to the merchant.

Does UPS require a manifest?

No. UPS does not require a manifest.