HAZMAT-Flagged Items for PB Expedited


As of July 9, 2023, shippers who use the hazmat special service with PB Expedited must include the new HAZMAT_TYPE input parameter to identify the type of hazardous material in the shipment. The input parameter takes one of the input values listed in the HAZMAT_TYPE Input Values table below on this page.

The new parameter supports the USPS requirement that shipments of hazardous materials must identify the materials with specific codes and markers. When the shipper uses the hazmat special service with an appropriate HAZMAT_TYPE, the API inserts the required codes and markers on the label, in the barcode, and in the electronic manifest sent to the USPS.

Additional Requirement when Shipping Hazardous Materials: In addition to the information the shipper sends through the API, the shipper must separately provide a Shipper’s Declaration for Dangerous Goods when shipping hazardous materials. For more information, see the following document on the USPS web site:

The HAZMAT_TYPE parameter applies only to the hazmat special service and does not apply to the hazmat-electronics special service, for which there is no change. An example of this special service is given at the end of this page. See Hazmat Electronics Special Service.


You cannot use the hazmat or hazmat-electronics special services when shipping to or from international or APO/FPO/DPO destinations.

Example HAZMAT_TYPE Input Parameter

The following is an example of the hazmat special service with the required HAZMAT_TYPE input parameter. In the example, the value field identifies the hazardous material as a lithium battery that is packaged with a new electronic device. For all available input values, see HAZMAT_TYPE Input Values.

"rates": [
   "carrier": "USPS",
   "serviceId": "UGA",
   "parcelType": "PKG",
   "specialServices": [
       "specialServiceId": "hazmat",
       "inputParameters": [
          "name" : "HAZMAT_TYPE",
          "value" : "Class 9 Lithium Battery with New Device"

HAZMAT_TYPE Input Values

The HAZMAT_TYPE input parameter takes the following values. Enter the value in the value field, as shown in the example above:



Air Eligible Ethanol

Air Eligible Ethanol Package – authorized fragrance and hand sanitizer shipments

Class 1 Toy Propellant or Safety Fuse

Ground shipments only. Class 1 – Toy Propellant/Safety Fuse Package.

Class 3

Ground shipments only. Class 3 - Hazardous Materials Package - Hand sanitizer, rubbing alcohol, ethanol base products, flammable liquids, etc.

Class 7 Radioactive Materials

Ground shipments only. Class 7 – Radioactive Materials Package (e.g., smoke detectors, minerals, gun sights, etc.)

Class 8 Air Eligible Corrosive Materials

Class 8 – Corrosive Materials Package - Air Eligible Corrosive Materials (certain cleaning or tree/weed killing compounds, etc.)

Class 8 Sealed Lead Acid Battery

Class 8 – Nonspillable Wet Battery Package - Sealed lead acid batteries

Class 9 Dry Ice

Class 9 – Dry Ice Package (limited to 5 lbs. if shipped via Air)

Class 9 Lithium Battery Marked Ground Only

Ground shipments only. Class 9 - Lithium Battery Marked – Ground Only Package - New Individual or spare lithium batteries (marked UN3480 or UN3090)

Class 9 Lithium Battery Unmarked

Class 9 – Lithium batteries, unmarked package – New electronic devices installed or packaged with lithium batteries (no marking)

Class 9 Lithium Battery with New Device

Class 9 - Lithium batteries, marked package - New electronic devices packaged with lithium batteries (UN3481 or UN3091)

Class 9 Magnetized Materials

Class 9 – Magnetized Materials Package

Consumer Commodity

ID8000 Consumer Commodity Package - Air Eligible ID8000 Consumer Commodity (non-flammable aerosols, flammable combustible liquids, toxic substance, miscellaneous hazardous materials)

Div 4.1 Mailable Flammable Solids

Ground shipments only. Division 4.1 – Mailable flammable solids and Safety Matches Package – Safety/strike on box matches, book matches, mailable flammable solids

Div 5.1 Hydrogen Peroxide 8 to 20 Percent

Division 5.1 – Oxidizers Package - Hydrogen peroxide (8 to 20% concentration)

Div 5.2 Organic Peroxides

Division 5.2 – Organic Peroxides Package

Div 6.1 Toxic Materials

Division 6.1 – Toxic Materials Package (with an LD50 of 50 mg/kg or less) - (pesticides, herbicides, etc.)

Div 6.2 Biological Materials

Division 6.2 Hazardous Materials - Biological Materials (e.g., lab test kits, authorized COVID test kit returns)

Excepted Quantity Provision

Excepted Quantity Provision Package (e.g., small volumes of flammable liquids, corrosive, toxic or environmentally hazardous materials – marking required)

Ground Only Hazardous Materials

Ground shipments only. Ground Only Hazardous Materials (for items that are not listed, but are restricted to surface only)


Ground shipments only. Lighters Package - Authorized Lighters

Limited Quantity Ground Only

Ground shipments only. LTD QTY Ground Package – Aerosols, spray disinfectants, spray paint, hair spray, propane, butane, cleaning products, etc. – fragrances, nail polish, nail polish remover, solvents, hand sanitizer, rubbing alcohol, ethanol base products, etc. – other limited quantity surface materials, (cosmetics, cleaning products, paints, etc.)

Small Quantity Provision

Ground shipments only. Small Quantity Provision Package (markings required)

Hazmat Electronics Special Service

To ship HAZMAT-restricted electronics, use the hazmat-electronics special service, as shown in the example below. The hazmat-electronics special service applies to used, damaged, or defective electronic devices containing or packaged with lithium batteries.

The following is an example hazmat-electronics special service:

"rates": [
   "carrier": "USPS",
   "serviceId": "UGA",
   "parcelType": "PKG",
   "specialServices": [
       "specialServiceId": "DelCon"
       "specialServiceId": "hazmat-electronics"